Behind the scenes 1

Writing is work. In the same moment it evokes pleasure and creativity. Writing needs time. *Uff* a big task for an impatient people as us. And of course writing needs thinking, no better rethinking: Is this topic relevant? Who I may concern? What shall I add? A blog, our blog, demands even more than words. It … More Behind the scenes 1

No luggage no fun 1

A depressing picture at the airport: You are the last at an empty luggage delivery place. Not a good beginning of the worldtrip. Especially not when the luggage contains important stuff for traveling. But this not only effects your future, but also your present. It is a strange and confusing situation. Where you spend the … More No luggage no fun 1

Next stop, Helsinki

Next stop on our world trip: Helsinki Depressing (finnish bread advertising) or joyful? What adventures will wait for us? Let`s go together! Comment here your first images, ideas and cliches when you think about Finland. The first five people will get a postcard from Helsinki.