Next stop, Helsinki

Next stop on our world trip: Helsinki

Depressing (finnish bread advertising) or joyful? What adventures will wait for us? Let`s go together!

Comment here your first images, ideas and cliches when you think about Finland.

The first five people will get a postcard from Helsinki.


2 thoughts on “Next stop, Helsinki

  1. I don’t know much about the country, but I’ve read that Tolkien used the finnish language as role model for one of this elvish languages in Lord of the Rings. Quenya – or was it Sindarin? – is supposed to sound very much alike with Finnish.

    Oh, and I grew up with the various sketches of the german comedian Hape Kerkeling and his TV show ‘darueber lacht die welt’ which ran some fifteen years ago. Once he took on the role as the lead singer of a badly behaving finish rap band (named R.I.P. Uli and ripuli = finish for diarrhea) and spoofed a VIVA moderator:

    There’s the saying ‘This is finish but not the end!’ which might even have its origins in this sketch.

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  2. It was 15 years ago when I went to Finland for the last time. With my parents I travelled across the countryside – always with a thermos flask at our side. What I remember of these days are tons of mosquitoes, saunas at nearly every place we stayed and the beautiful lakeland.

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