Behind the scenes 1

Writing is work. In the same moment it evokes pleasure and creativity. Writing needs time. *Uff* a big task for an impatient people as us. And of course writing needs thinking, no better rethinking: Is this topic relevant? Who I may concern? What shall I add?

A blog, our blog, demands even more than words. It is a playground for creativity. We add pictures, videos and polls. Pictures need some little reshaping, coloring and forming. Videos consume the most time. I am the cutter and Uru is the director. We play with sounds and impressions. The result is of course on rookie level, but we get better. It is teamwork and still not easy because we are not only from a different sex, but also see things in another light.

We get quicker with the time. But times flows faster than the Russian vodka. All in all it is a balance between enjoying the trip, understanding the locals and collect good data. We try to publish as soon as possible the new material. Still the journey embraces us with its full might. So many ideas and no place to write. Luckily even in a tiny crowded train is a free corner. For sure it will be a long project. Even longer than our journey.

Even so we try not loose our focus, it’s YOU. A journey “Hand in Hand”. The question for you: Are you happy (of course, what a silly question!)?

Tell us what content you would like to see here and get a greeting video from us for you in your native language (if possible).
Uru and Artur


One thought on “Behind the scenes 1

  1. I would really love to see photos (lots!) or notes about regional costumes and customs! ^^ I think it would be sooo interesting (and pretty, of course, we can’t forget that)

    PD: I am happy 😀


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