Moscow Moscow – by Frank Sinatra (Video) And it’s finally happened: Frank Sinatra in Moscow. Video HERE What a lovely city! Gonna miss it. Advertisements

Halfway Through 2 visiting Mordor

The second part of the halfway through video. This time with angry Artur. Visiting Mordor. Escaping Russians and meeting a dead-nirvana monk. The great Video HERE More informations to the places Yekaterinburg: Novosibirsk: Ulan Ude: Datsan:

Dream of Japan

Shared dreams can be caught easier.
Our dream comes finally true. From today on we will be in Japan. Adventures awaits us: Nature, volcanos, hitchhiking, Kyoto, Osaka…
It is time to get a deeper look into this well known and still strange culture.
Follow us and your interests! … More Dream of Japan

Next Stop Seoul

Leaving the known world and beginning something completely new. From here our journey leads us to palaces where we do not now the language or culture. How exiting.Next stop Seoul (South Korea)! What should we totally do in this megacity? Write your ideas in the comments and we will try to make video about it … More Next Stop Seoul