Next Stop Seoul

Leaving the known world and beginning something completely new. From here our journey leads us to palaces where we do not now the language or culture. How exiting.Next stop Seoul (South Korea)!

What should we totally do in this megacity?

Write your ideas in the comments and we will try to make video about it with a personal greeting to you.


One thought on “Next Stop Seoul

  1. A lot of ideas come to my mind!!! >v<
    – First of all, you must dance Gangan style in Gangnam district! XD (and record it, of course :p).
    – Would you be brave enough to taste dog in a local restaurant?
    – Visit Gwangjang market!
    – Karaok 😀
    – Try some traditional costumes

    Brrrr there's so much to see and do there! x3


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