The end of a journey

It is an odd game of nature, when time meets joy. Both are so relevant to us, so treasured and so short in their combination. The long expected moment visits us but cannot stay. Happiness is always as a short time visitor. In the end only memories of places, faces and colours prove us: It was not a dream!

We did it!

We went 12.000 km into the east from Spain to Japan and returned home. Behind us lies a road with incredible beautiful places of nature and cities, unknown cultures and delicious food. But also paths with mud, sharp thorns, cold rain and fire of anger. Well, there is no good adventure without a bit of struggle.

One feeling is shining now brighter as anything: Thankfulness.

This journey couldn`t have happened without all the familiar and new friends who supported us. Thank you!

Our parents, who gave us advices, information and money. Our family members who hosted us at different places. All the great Couchsurfing hosts who have shared their bread and time with us. All the friendly strangers at the side of our road who have lead us safely or gave us even more than we expected. And of course you dear reader, for being constantly curious about our blog.

Thank you!

The journey ends here and some stories stay. Stories that we would like to share with you. Follow us in the upcoming time for great news, pictures, videos and deeper information about Russia, Korea and Japan.


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