People of Finland (1) – Tolkien, Russia and Kalevala

"Finland is not the home of barbarians, as some folk imagine, neither do polar bears walk continually about the streets..."
(Mrs Alec Tweedie - Through Finland in Carts: 1897)

One of the wonders of Finland are the people. At least for me, I got with the help of my finnish friends a deeper look into the culture, into the frozen soul itself. It was not as cold as I expected, actually there was no ice, only warm light.

You might have read the text about the finish soul (HERE). This understanding I could only reach with the support of people and through communication. This experiences I would like to share with you.

I made an interview with one of my finnish friends: Jaakko


The full video is HERE on YouTube

(because WordPress doesn’t allow me to upload videos)

The questions consists of some interesting facts about Finland, some typical clichés and of course Jaakkos own impressions about Finland and Russia.

Are you familiar with THE famous finnish saga Kalevala? No?

Scene from Kalevala: The epic battle between Väinämöinen and Pohjola for the magic item “Sampo”

Then take a look HERE. Tom Hogan explained in his video the saga in less then 9 minutes.

Or you looking for the whole saga to read? Check out HERE. A “must do” for all who are interested in world literature.

See you soon with the next part of “People of Finland”


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