The Christmas Challenge

Merry Christmas dear reader.

Do you love the traditional and cute Christmas markets?

Today we introduce you two popular places in Germany, which you should visit during the next Christmas.

Check out the videos and vote for YOUR favorite place.


Tübingen the video HERE

It is chocolate, it is art, it is a chocolate-art-Christmas-market!

Every year at the beginning of December the little town gets really busy. Hundreds of the best European Chocolates introduce here their art and products. The old town of Tübingen gets crowded by thousand visitors and invites to dream the great chocolate dream.

We are pretty lucky to live here and to enjoy the market every year. It is a colorful spectacle with the pre Christmas spirit. The air is full of sweet smells of milk, marzipan and cacao. Every hand holds a mug with delicious hot chocolate and the booths are shining with lights. At every corner is a secret chocolate or praline hidden, keep your eyes open!

More details about the market HERE


Nürnberg the video HERE

It is about the Christmas spirit and the tradition. In the hearth of the Nürnberger old town lies an enormous market full of “German wonders”. Tourists from all over the world roam from booth to booth. There are fresh handmade Gingerman, crafted Nutcrackers and honey candles to see. In the background an army of Santa Clauses entertains the little guests and somewhere somebody plays a funky Christmas tune.

To explore the market you need some time and money. You CANNOT resist the little cute wood figures or might be you fall for the delicious cookies.

Discover over 300 years of Christmas market history in Nürnberg.

More information HERE 


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