The Soul of London

A little experiment. Hope you like the vibe.


A city might be a possibility,

For those who feel.

You can easily judge on this blank bones,

but deep beneath a warm heart beats.



Some are listing, some other fail,

the rhythm leads us all on one trail.

Nations from all around the globe,

gather at crowded streets of lights so cold!

In places made of wood the music sounds so good,

united by the tune of past traditions, past I said! Something goes away.


Here and now has brought so many changes, broken up the dusty rules.

Within is gone the darker smoke, cleaned up the broken soul.

A warm colour streams out from cracks in cobblestone, and

reaches for those who might get lost.

Is it really save?


United by the golden light above the always grey sky.

Soon I am washed away by rain directed of a higher might.

Suddenly and spontaneously it hits, I feel the reflection how it beats.


Behind the glass and steel, there is taste, it didn’t seemed so real.

And when the chill appears up on the open hands, look around you’re not alone.

As I have said, here it’s not so cold. In a city formed by fire, steel and the old.

You wander from south to east, by river, green, always by the watching beast.

Thousend eyes follow your steps.

And deep there in the underground, can you feel the rumble, people and a familiar sound?

All colors cover up the city in a spider web, who’s the spider and who is trapped?

No, you say, I don’t belong in here, too late!

When you read this lines, you’re already a Londoner.


Thanks for reading.




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