Flying to Ibiza

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Our situation:

 Between the 26.7 and 3.8 we stay at the house of Urus aunt. She lives in the east part of the island (by Santa Eulária des riu). (map: http://mountainbikefirenze.xoom.it/Ibiza/ibiza.jpg)

We are in a family situation where our time is determine by others. It gives us the opportunity to safe good money for living. But makes us dependent to the wishes of the other members.

Sharing a homemade paella together 


First Impression (by Uru and Artur)

An island, known for its summer, only its summer. May you heard the stories about the legendary party’s, drugs and sex. So is this place existing only for pleasure? Let’s find out during the next days. If you ever have been in Spain, then Ibiza gives you a similar impression. At nighttime the bars are filled with people, chatting loudly. Groups of children playing near the “terrazas” where daddies and mommies have their drink together. The air, warm and sticky, is filled with the smell of grilled fish. Nobody sleeps, it seems.  The biggest different to the mainland lies in the smallest things: the dust of the roads. After driving you will have a nice new color on your car (you can even be creative as us).

The summer is too dry. It does not rain. The dust, sand and wind shapes this desert like landscape.

And still all forms of life are around. Welcome to the summer island.

The sound of Summer 

Video Here


The capital city, Elvissa, is the centre of the islands life. All roads are focused towards this city and they are full of cars. Tourists as well as the natives try to get in to this pulsing place. This is the reason to be patient because you will need some time till you arrive at the centre.  If you are moving with a rent car like us then also take time for the parking, it is a real treasure hunt. With its own rules. But if you have managed both obstacles than the city awaits you.

Elvissa, or “Vila” called by the natives, was founded in the 7. Century B.C. by the Phoenicians. When you enter the city it welcomes you with bright coloured houses. Perhaps you get a similar feeling as in Greece.
During the summer days it’s too hot to walk outside, the most people will stay at home. Only on the evening after six o’clock the streets get alive. The bars at every corner will be filled by joyful people and the loud chatting sounds through the streets.

The cloth shops open there gates till the late night. Here you will get a glimpse into the fashion of the island. It is bright, flashy and light. White is the all-time favourite colour for man and woman here. The innocent colour shall keep you “pure”. Nevertheless you should try it out. The perfect way to feel good even at the hottest summer day.

At the evening the old town is crowded by tourists and all the little and big shops invite you to spend some good money on outstanding stuff. The “Hippy” and fashion shops will make you struggle. There are full of many colourful dresses, handmade shoes and exquisite cosmetic.
If you are strong enough to get your attention away, thanperhaps you will rise up your head and see the architecture that’s surrounds you. Their shapes of the building are smooth, and rounded. Little balconies break the nuance and fill the houses with life. The colour of the buildings is similar to the Ibizian fashion, “todos blancos”.

Much more majestic is the great fortress at the centre of the city. A huge fort with an UNESCO protected old town. Just use one of the many entrances and dive in into even smaller streets with little houses that are leading in a spiral form to the top. At the highest point of the fortress you have a great view over the city. The colourful lights of the evening and the sound of the sea will embrace you for a moment. Stay as long as it please you. There is no need to rush. A piece happiness will shine with Elvissa.


Visiting “Atlantis”

For the first time we got the car for ourselves and drove on around Ibiza on a small adventure. This way we could experience the local driving not being so bad as clichés announce. Our goal was to see the Nature of Atlantis. A hidden creek of difficult access and promised beauty.

The name Atlantis was given by the hippies that came around the 60’s and comes from the legend of the lost city Atlántida. And being there we could understand why they would think this way.

The rocks have being carved by the human being in order to construct buildings such as the famous fortress in the old Town of Eivissa “Dalt Vila” that we already mentioned earlier, in times of Charles V in the XVI century. The carvings were made in a special way, with straight lines but diagonal to the sea level, leaving interesting forms and constructions. The hippies thought of it as a magical place for which they used it as a place to rest and cult. Signs of it can still be found in Atlantis, like stone constructions, spirals of stones, and artistic carvings such as faces or words. There is supposed to be a painted Buda in one of the walls that marked the encounter point for the hippies, but unfortunately we didn’t see it.

The cars parked at the end of the dusty track where the only sign we had to know that we arrived our destiny since there is no sign for Atlantis itself on the roads or even there, and so the entry to this track is based in the information of another signed track on the left (that leaded to es cubbells). So, our direction advice sounded something like “take the track located to the left of this other road that goes to es cubbells”. All an all not very touri-friendly but on the other hand helped to create the “adventure” feeling. Surprisingly we found well prepared Germans parked there, as we already found them in S’atalaya, well done!

When I heard that you had to go down a cliff to get to Atlantis I was thinking in a small path between the rocks going down as I have already experienced it in Basque Country and took my flip flops. Big Mistake. The so called path was more a treacherous dusty-rocky pitched way where the rocks being sometimes loose, slipped down under the feet making every step risky even with good shoes, not to mention flip flops.


But we managed down without falling, and it was great, there were many stone-towers and something like a sun made out with stones, rests of the hippies or later visitors? We couldn’t know because some seconds later a strong rain started to pour. It very rarely rains in Ibiza during the summer and still we managed to catch one of these strange moments just as we reached Atlantis. Our luck keeps amazing me. So we tried to get shelter somehow but we couldn’t see anything in the surroundings more than bushes and stones until little later where we saw an enormous Egg-like Rock which was standing in a position that left a gap in its base where we sheltered for a while. Under this Rock we could find evidence that someone had been previously using the gap for sleeping since he left a blanket or towel and there was some litter scattered here and there. Still, we felt happy and protected from the wind and rain we ate some fruits while watching our surroundings. From there we spotted a cloth waving hanging in front of a supposedly natural hole in the cliff which made us wonder whether there was someone living there. Maybe the same carefree sleeper of our Egg-rock shelter.

I would have investigate that if the daylight wouldn’t had left us so quickly leaving us with the task of climbing back the cliff in the growing darkness of a cloudy night, so cloudy that even the full moon appointed for the night was nowhere to be seen. Of course it got a bit harder as we could barely see the pointy rocks in our way but we accomplished the way up in the half of the time we had needed to go down. We returned panting to the car, now the only one standing by the end of the track feeling great and just a bit sad about the fact that we couldn’t explore more of the beauties and secrets of Atlantis but with the promise of returning back someday.


Visiting Cami Sa Talaiassa

Video HERE


The highest place in Ibiza is the mountain Sa Talaiassa or Sa Talaia. The name can be translated as “watchtower” and gives indeed the same feeling. 475 meters might be not high for a mountain but if you can see in the video and the photos the view is for sure over the top (*hehe).

To get to Sa Talaia might not be easy, especially if you are on your own. We were really lucky, because Urus mom had taken us with a car to the spot. It was a 20min drive from Eivissa. With the car it was quick and (kinda) safe.

You can also climb the mountain or use a mountain bike. Everything is fine as long as you find the entrance way, which is poorly signalized. The only good description I got so far was from a Spanish side, check out the map.

If you are on the right track be prepared for a pretty rough ascent up the mountain. The way is not just dusty, but full of rocks and holes, what Spanish call a “goat road” because only goats can use those ways comfortably. We got shaken up neatly during the drive. The round leaded us straightly up and became after a while a tiny way with sharp edges down. The view down can be exciting if you are not afraid of the high (I am, but it`s worth it!). The landscape was a sea of green pine trees that were gently moved by the wind.

At one time the road got clear at both sides and we went out of the car for taking some photos. The wind already blew strong and fresh. The temperature was cooler than in sea level (don’t forget to take a sweatshirt!). We had a great view to both sides of Ibiza. The feeling of being on a 2000 meter mountain that stands majestically over the whole island. Only here we could see how tiny Ibiza truly was.


A bit later we followed the road and arrived at the final destination. It was the end of the way (so actually the ONLY road up the mountain). There was a radio station and a little parking place. Behind the place followed a little path that lead us to the edge of the mountain. Here the island opened up and seemed like an orange/green flower to us. The sunset made the moment astonishing.
This huge and warm ball set over the sea and created a golden bridge to the island. Even from that far away we could see boats on the shore. And to our surprise the wind blew through the pine trees and brought us the sound of waves. Sa Talaia was the watchtower over the green sea.
DSC02149DSC02168 (2)


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    1. Gracias Marie!
      Es war wirklich sehr schön ;), schade dass wir weiter machen mussen, Ibiza hat trotzt ihre kleine Dimensionen viel zu bieten. Aber Finnland ist auch auf jeden Fall auch interessant!


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