Made my day

Great phrases from our journey

“I can already feel the sex vibe here” (Urgozo arriving in Ibiza and feeling the humide air)

“Trust me I played a lot of Fruit Ninja. I recognize a fruit that cannot be cut” (Artur)

“I would say that Sherlocks mind is more brilliant than the Doctors, his deduction is sometimes taken to the impossible, but the Doctor has the knowledge of the whole univers past and future. It would be great to see them meet and fight intellectualy. They would start to outsmart each other and I would love to see Sherlocks reaction to an actual alien. If you think it, Sherlock looks and acts much more as alien than the Doctor” (Urgozo during a conversation about the similarities of Dr. Who and Sherlock)

“I don’t wanna kill a reindeer” “Just throw a stone” (Jaakko and Artur speaking about the expensive foodprices in Finnland)

“You know sex is like a double massage for us. Everybody gets happy and relaxed” (Artur after Uru complained about the few massages she receives)

“What does CCCP means?” (Uru)  “Hm…sovietsky sisasasoa…Russia…” (Artur)

“I really wanted to see the oceanarium”…”We can eat sushi it’s kinda the same” (Uru and Artur. After we could go to the oceanarium)

“I think this is the only time when children cry when you take there fruits away” (Artur – After watching a little crying baby who’s parents took his apple)


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